Clickfree trots out C6 Easy Imaging backup hard drives, takes 'em to 2TB

Your favorite no-touch backup company's coming back around again, this time with yet another HDD to tempt your paranoia. Clickfree's newest backup solution is the C6 Easy Imaging, capable of holding backups for as many PCs as necessary (provided there's enough space). It'll work seamlessly with Windows 7, Vista and XP, and it'll get all the juice it needs from a spare USB port. As with the outfit's prior products, this one's also designed for those who aren't exactly "hip" with technical lingo, which means that power users will likely be flustered with the inability to really control too much of what's happening just as soon as this thing's plugged in. That said, the drive does allow users to categorize which files they want backed up, and it'll enable users to restore only personal files should the need arise. The full spiel is hosted up after the break, and you can catch the portable version right now in the US and Canada for $140 (500GB) / $180 (1TB), while the desktop model goes for $150 (1TB) / $180 (2TB).

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Clickfree Introduces C6 EASY Imaging, making it simple to backup an entire PC, not just part of it

There is no easier way to backup and restore everything on a PC computer – personal files, software programs and the Windows operating system

TORONTO, July 11, 2011 – Clickfree, the inventors of effortless automatic backup, today announced Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging, the first Total Computer Backup product that makes it easy to back up and restore everything on a PC including personal files (photos, videos, music, emails, spreadsheets, illustrations, documents, and 500+ other types), software programs and the Windows® operating system.

Designed for non-technical consumers and small business owner-operators, Clickfree has taken the difficult process of backing up and restoring virtually everything on a computer and made it effortless.

To perform a full image backup, just plug the Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging drive in to the computer's USB port, and Clickfree's Patented EASY RunTM will automatically launch and begin backing up everything on the computer. That's as technical as it gets. If a computer crashes due to a software malfunction or virus attack, EASY FixTM will restore all the personal files, software applications and the operating system.

―For many consumers, protecting personal files is enough, but for many others, only total computer protection will do,‖ said Ian Collins, founder of Clickfree. ―Up until now, PC users have had to compromise between backing up only part of their computer with regular file based backup system, or trying to figure out how to use a complex imaging product to backup their entire computer. Clickfree combines its EASY Run technology with imaging capabilities, resulting in a no-compromise solution for total computer protection that is unparalleled in its ease-of-use.

Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging provides more flexibility and better options for PC owners Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging takes a very different approach to an image backup than other products. Current solutions combine personal files, software programs and the Windows operating system into one. Clickfree categorizes the user's personal files as one category, and the software programs and Windows operating system as another. This provides the ability to repair only the portion of the backup that has been lost or damaged on the computer, from the original backup on the Clickfree.

Additionally, competitive products require the user to reinstall everything even if only a portion of their backup needs to be. If they only need to reinstall the software and operating system, they MUST reinstall the data as well -- which means a long reimaging process and reverting to the last backed up version, which can result in overwriting recent changes to personal files.

With Clickfree, consumers have a choice. If they only want restore personal files, not the software programs or operating system, simply using the EASY Restore function will restore all of the PC's personal file backups. The personal files can be restored on a new hard drive or an entirely new computer, making it a great way to move content from an old computer to a new one.

To repair software programs and the Windows operating system, simply use EASY Fix reinstalls just the necessary files. To restore personal files and software programs and the Windows o/s to different points in time, EASY Fix can do that too. For example, personal files can be restored to how they were 10 minutes ago, while the software programs and Windows operating system can be restored to 2 weeks or 6 months ago. These points in time are completely user defined.

Faster -- because time is just as precious as data
Because competitive imaging products reinstall all of the PC's personal files, software and operating system as one, it typically takes hours, perhaps even a full day, to get a computer back up and running. But with Clickfree, consumers can be back in business often within minutes. Clickfree compares what's currently on the computer to the original image backup, repairing only the elements that have been damaged or lost, saving hours and hours of precious time.

Backup multiple computers, even if they have different versions of Windows
Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging can hold the backups for as many computers as needed, and is limited only by the available space on the Clickfree drive. Computers running different Windows operating systems can be backed up to the same Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging drive -- Clickfree supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. All that is required is a free USB port and at least 100MB of free space on the computer(s) being backed up.
Capacities, Prices & Availability

Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging is available now from and other major electronics retailers in Canada and the U.S. It comes in both portable and desktop sizes. Capacities and prices follow:
Canada & U.S. Portable Desktop
500GB $140 1TB $180
1TB $150 2TB $180