ASUS promises fix for Eee Pad Transformer power drain, keeps the apologies coming (update: Android 3.2 is coming "soon")

ASUS's mighty morphing Eee Pad Transformer might be a commercial success (even despite early delays) but, it seems, there's something amiss with the shape shifting tablet. Earlier today, the company admitted to an issue relating to the slate's keyboard dock. A post to ASUS' UK Facebook page reads:

Apologies to anyone who has encountered issues with their Transformer keyboard dock (power drain and charging). The issue is related to the way we configured the device's power management in/out of sleep mode. We will shortly be announcing details on how this will be resolved for our customers.

We'd say that's about as vague a promise as a company could offer, but we'll keep you posted as ASUS opens up.

Update: Looks like the Transformer is set to join the Xoom on the Android 3.2 bandwagon, as ASUS' Twitter account announced that the company is testing the latest Honeycomb build on the Transformer as we speak, and ASUS hopes to release it "soon."

Update 2: We got a note from a Japanese ASUS representative indicating that units released in that market are not affected by this issue.