Griffin's AppPowered Helo TC is a $50 iOS helicopter for your home's air zone

Get to the chopper! Er, micro-copter. Say hello to Griffin's latest AppPowered gadget, the Helo TC. This indoor-heli lets users play pilot via an iOS app offering onscreen "Touch-to-Fly" or accelerometer based "Tilt-to-Fly" controls. After a half-hour's charge over USB, you'll be airborne for about eight minutes and can initiate one of three programmable flight paths if you want to go hands-off. Bummer though, you'll need to hook up a four-AAA packing IR sled to your iDevice for signal. Thankfully, this little guy's equipped for night flights with five LEDs, and you'll find extra rotors if you ever need to ditch into the linoleum. Expect to see these popping up during the holiday season for about $50 (£34.99), but for now you'll find details by flying past the break.