Qualcomm launches Vellamo browser benchmark for Android devices

Qualcomm's not exactly a novice when it comes to sizing up phones -- it's already responsible for the graphics benchmark Neocore. Now, it also wants to show you just how much your mobile browser is lagging. The company just introduced Vellamo, a suite of 11 tests designed to gauge browser performance on Android phones and tablets. In case you're curious, it takes its name from the Finnish goddess of the sea who lures away sailors web surfers (Qualcomm's joke, not ours). And yes, it'll work with any device running Android 2.0 or above, even if it doesn't pack a Qualcomm-made processor. These tests span four broad categories -- rendering, JavaScript, user experience, and networking -- with only two requiring an internet connection (even then, you can cherry pick specific tests to run). We took it for a spin on our aging, Froyo-packing, Motorola Droid, whose score of 237 landed at the very bottom of the list of results, far behind tablets and newer handsets. (As of this writing, Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 took the cake.) Curious to see how your device ranks? Hit the source link to download the free APK file.