Ten One Design's Fling mini now delivering tactile control to touchscreen gamers

Improved gaming controls or a full-screen view? That's the conundrum you'll soon be able to face if you pre-ordered Ten One Design's Fling mini, which is now shipping. To refresh your memory, the $25 pair of springy capacitive joysticks for mobile devices -- specifically iPhone and iPod Touch -- cling onto your device's touchscreen, and aim to add tactile feel and added precision. We've used the larger iPad variant in the past and found it worked pretty well, but we're certainly wary about how much space the mini looks to hog up in comparison. There's more info in the PR past the break if you're still thinking about giving these some thumbs-on time.

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iPhone Gamers' Anticipation Comes to an End; Ten One Design Fling mini Game Controller Now Shipping

Touch screen tactile game controller for iPhone, iPod touch, Android and other Smartphones improves the mobile gaming experience

Montclair, NJ (July 13, 2011) – Ten One Design, creators of the first capacitive touch-screen stylus for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, is now shipping the "mini" version of its revolutionary tactile game controller – Fling mini.

Expanding on the success of the Fling for iPad announced at this year's CES, the mini controller adheres to any smartphone on top of the directional pad of any applicable game to deliver ultimate control and superb response for full gaming immersion.

Fling mini's unique spiral design creates actual physical resistance so gamers are assured of greater directional control. It works with any iPhone or iPod touch game with a directional pad, or virtual joystick, including Meteor Blitz, Aralon: Sword and Shadow, Super Mega Worm, Robokill, Blade of Betrayal and Dink Smallwood, to name a few.

Similar to Fling for iPad, to use Fling mini, launch the game of your choice and secure Fling mini's center control over the game's directional pad. Then simply place your thumb on the center control to navigate easily through the game.

The translucent and flexible design provides an unrestricted view of all on-screen action. Plus, the suction cups allow simple attachment and detachment for spontaneous gaming sessions.

The included microfiber bag is ideal for on-the-go storage and doubles as the perfect screen cleaning cloth to eliminate unwanted smudges and fingerprints.

Available in Ninja, the 2-pack Fling mini is available and shipping now for just $24.95 at

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