Mythos set to break the speed barrier with its new update

Life in Hack-n-Slashville too slow for you these days? Well buckle up and keep your arms and legs inside of Mythos at all times -- the game is set to get a tad faster.

An upcoming content update for Mythos is set to include a new feature that encourages players to cut their way through dungeons at a record pace. Using the Dungeon Master feature, adventurers who beat dungeons and accomplish other challenges under a set time limit will be showered with gifts and glory.

If you choose to play in this mode, a timer will start the second you enter a dungeon and will go until you vanquish every foe in the place. If you make a new record or beat an old one -- you'll be competing against other players in this -- you'll get a nice package of rewards including in-game currency and rare items.

The update is set to increase the level cap and add more PvP content as well.