Wall-E gets a LEGO Mindstorms NXT makeover, tears up the dance floor (video)

Alright, let's all be upfront here. When you saw this Pixar masterpiece you caught yourself thinking, "Destruction of the Earth? Not so bad... if that means I get my own Wall-E." It's ok, other more robotically-adept Quebecers had the same idea. Except they managed to mix it up with a LEGO Mindstorms NXT kit and create a waste-collecting romantic of their own -- sans the devastation of our world. The brainchild of Montreal-based creator Marc-André Bazergui, project w.5 incorporates six NXT bricks, 17 motors and over a thousand parts that let the lovelorn bot reanimate his motorized chassis back into our hearts. It's an impressive feat you can watch below, but note the video has been sped up -- you didn't expect building bricks to move that fast, did you?