How would you change Nokia's E7?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|07.18.11

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How would you change Nokia's E7?
Hard to believe the last great Communicator was launched but a few months back, huh? In the time since, Nokia has bestowed upon us the first image of its forthcoming WP7 handset, rolled out the MeeGo-based N9 and flaunted the dev-only N950. That said, Symbian's still claiming a staggering piece of the market from a global perspective, and even though Elop and co. have largely given up on it for their future smartphones, we're pretty certain at least a few of you sprung for the oh-so-gorgeous E7. So, now that you've had a few months to put it through its paces, what say you? Would you change the keypad in any way? Is that panel dense enough for you? Would you have preferred a different OS? How's about a non-EDoF camera? Shoot the breeze down in comments below, but let's keep it civil, okay? It's Sunday, after all.
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