Orphiro's electric motorcycle: like a Harley, just not obnoxiously loud

It's certainly not the first electric motorcycle to (quietly) crisscross our desks, but the self-titled Orphiro is surely one of the classiest. Designed over in Holland as a wide-body alternative to petrol-guzzling hawgs, this eco-friendly two-wheeler relies on Li-ion batteries and a motor that pushes a grand total of 72 volts. The top speed of 75 miles-per-hour probably wouldn't rile up the crowd in Sturgis, but cruising for 60 solid miles without using a drop of gas just might. If all goes well, we should see the first commercial version hit the pavement this September, but ominously, there's no mention of price. Something tells us it'll fall squarely in the "if you have to ask..." category.