HTC's Puccini tablet passes through the FCC, has AT&T written all over it

Remember that HTC 10-inch Puccini tablet we spotted in May? It just passed through the FCC's gates with the model number PG09410 and from the looks of things, is headed straight for AT&T's network. The rumored Honeycomb tablet's sporting the requisite GSM 850, 1900MHz frequencies and 3G WCDMA 850 and 1900MHz bands, but the real showstopper here are the slate's LTE radios. With both AWS 4 and 17 bands on board, it'd be a pretty safe guess to see this launch alongside the orange-colored carrier's LTE rollout. We should note that the FCC doesn't test for European compatibility, so you could still see this bad boy hit across the Atlantic. What else can we glimpse from that diagram in blue? Based on the size of what appears to be a SIM card slot, we found this Android tab measuring in at the 10-inch mark. Also, you can expect a dual speaker set-up, but sadly no 3D camera. With the rumored June launch date already passed, we're hoping this'll hit late summer.