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Sonos S3 / Play:3 all-in-one speaker system pops up at Amazon for $300, gets yanked post-haste

Sonos has proven to be quite the tease in its handling of the Sonos S3 (or is it the Play:3?). The wireless all-in-one speaker system made its first clandestine appearance at the FCC earlier this month, but gave little in the way of details, and now it's popped up in an (already pulled) Amazon pre-order page. This latest lift of the curtain hasn't given us much more to go on, but at least now we have a price -- $300 -- and confirmation that the speaker system is indeed rocking a "trio of drivers and amplifiers," as we previously speculated. Specifically, it's got one tweeter, two mids, and a single bass radiator on board. Amazon lists the system as PLAY3US1BLK, leading us to believe that we were also right in assuming that the S3 will come in the traditional black and white. As of now, we don't have anything confirming a shipping date, but you can bet we'll blast it your way when Sonos finally decides to give up the details.

[Thanks, Charlie]