Baidu Browser tips hat to old Steve Jobs quote, copies Chrome's special sauce

Could this be a case of Baidu's browser in Chrome's clothing? The Wall Street Journal seems to think so and the Chinese company isn't exactly dismissing the KIRF claims. Announced back in April, the recently beta-released Baidu Browser brings a "sleek, stripped-down interface" eerily reminiscent of Google's web-surfing entry (or a likely fork of Chromium). The copycat similarities don't just end in the looks department: there's also an app store, fast-tab functionality and familiar menu icon placement. In its defense, the company claims its 30,000 plus free app offerings, in addition to China-specific entertainment features are enough to set it apart. Sure, this may seem like a case of the Asian search giant that doth protest too much, but it's the company's desire to drive traffic to its own engine that has us seeing Google.

[Thanks, Hardy]