Microsoft introduces Explorer Touch, a Lion-compatible mouse

Despite what people may think, here at TUAW we do try to be pretty objective about Apple and its many products and services. Yes, they've made a lot of awesome stuff (and sure, they've made some big mistakes), but that doesn't mean that we can't give props to other companies every so often. Like Microsoft, for example. Looking at this brand new Lion-compatible mouse the company from Seattle has just introduced, we can admit that it's a pretty good-looking piece of hardware.

It sounds like a nice mouse, too, featuring a touch surface that allows you to scroll in any direction, and a touch scroll wheel that allows for three speeds. There are five programmable buttons total, though I can only see three on the sleek design above.

That said, there's two little hitches here: It's not clear from Microsoft's release whether this mouse works with Lion's multitouch features, and that might be a gamebreaker. Even worse, this isn't a Bluetooth mouse -- it's an RF device that needs a separate USB receiver. Not cool, Microsoft. Still, if you need a mouse that works with a touch surface and want something that's slightly cheaper than the Magic Mouse, the Explorer Touch Mouse will be on shelves in September for $49.95.

[via 9to5Mac]