Nokia 'Sea Ray' WP7 handset revealed on a factory floor? (Video)

Stephen Elop himself spilled the beans about Nokia's first WP7 handset, codenamed Sea Ray, when he told a large live audience and some whirring video cameras that he wanted the phone to be kept "super confidential." Now we have a whole new puddle of legumes lying on what sounds like a Chinese factory floor, courtesy of the authentic-looking video above. The clip reveals the N9-like device removed from what appears to be a stealth case, followed by a speedy boot-up into the Windows Phone OS. We're also treated to a quick look at the camera in action -- triggered by a dedicated shutter button that's missing on the N9 -- before a hurried "goodbye." There's not much else to see here, but could that reddish theme be a hint that this particular example is destined for Vodafone? Only time will tell.

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