Viliv, UMPC and MID proponent, reportedly exiting the ultramobile game

Last we heard from Viliv, one of the OGs of the MID and UMPC world, it was throwing its hat in the tablet arena with a pair of Android slates and a Wintel slab at CES. Now, rumor has it, the company is prepping to close up shop and make a graceful exit from a market segment it helped pioneer. This is according to sources talking to UMPC Portal, but there have been other clues. The manufacturer was conspicuously absent from Computex in June and, when we reached out to its PR line, our emails we're bounced back as undeliverable. We're not quite ready to start digging Viliv's digital grave just yet but, in the face of competition from the likes of Samsung and Apple, we'd say the writing is on the wall.