Acer buys iGware, makes a $320 million bet on the cloud

Zach Honig
Z. Honig|07.21.11

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Acer buys iGware, makes a $320 million bet on the cloud
There's no question that cloud computing has hit the mainstream -- even the US federal government, which isn't typically a front-runner when it comes to tech adoption, has taken the plunge. Now, Taiwanese hardware maker Acer, the world's second largest PC manufacturer, has just joined the ranks of the sky-high elite, purchasing Silicon Valley-based iGware for $320 million. Acer's acquisition of the little-known cloud computing firm will reportedly allow it to launch a cloud product next year, and is seen as a long-term strategic move for the tech giant. Despite its limited name recognition, iGware provides services that support more than 100 million consumer devices, including Nintendo gaming systems -- the two companies are reportedly in talks over potential cooperation after the acquisition is complete. iGware may be a major player in the cloud computing space, but its single-page Microsoft Publisher-designed website doesn't exactly scream nine-figure acquisition -- we hope the company at least tied a pair of mylar balloons to the mailbox before Acer came knocking at Suite 100.
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