Dell Venue Pro firmware update silences WiFi woes (update: delayed)

We wouldn't say it was delivered with lightning speed, but Dell's firmware update for the Venue Pro is at least on schedule. The outfit's Lionel Menchaca tweeted that the refresh, which brings a fix for a WiFi lockup issue (among others), "starts rolling out today for T-Mobile customers in the US + all other customers outside the US." Unfortunately for AT&T customers sporting this pro phone, it looks like you'll be left in the firmware lurch a bit longer --- there's been no mention of a similar update for Ma Bell.

Update: It looks like someone spoke too soon. Lionel Menchaca's taken to Twitter yet again to update us on the state of this update, and it appears T-Mo Venue Pro users are going to have to wait until next week for the refresh -- it is, however, already available to unlocked devices. Considering how long we've waited, what's another week? Right?