Samsung's ultralight N100 delivers Atom-powered MeeGo to the Indian masses

MeeGo machines are a little hard to come by here in the states, but our friends in the Indian subcontinent are getting some cartoony Linux love from the fine folks at Samsung. The company's new N100 netbook (similar to the N150 above) comes packing a 1.33GHz, dual-core Atom N435 and 1GB of DDR3 RAM for pushing the formerly Nokia-bound OS to a matte 10.1-inch screen. Inside that svelte 2.27-pound package is also a 250GB hard drive and a meager 3-cell battery. If you happen to strolling the streets of Hyderabad you'll be able to pick up one of these lithe lappies for 12,290 rupees, or about $276.

[Thanks, Lau]