LG Thrill 4G up for pre-order today at Radio Shack, ahead of August 7th launch?

The LG Thrill 4G was announced at CTIA four months ago , but wasn't given its rightful time in the sun due to a much larger elephant in the room. Now the phone's launch is quickly approaching, however, and the AT&T-branded Optimus 3D is ready to get some glory. We were sent not one, but two separate emails this morning from Radio Shack insiders with a few details about the retail chain's rollout of the device. As it turns out, visitors to The Shack can be offered the opportunity to reserve a Thrill -- supposedly gearing up for an August 7th launch -- starting today with the purchase of a $50 gift card. According to the screenshots sent to us, the Thrill can be all yours for $80 with a two-year contract ($550 if you exhibit a fear of commitment). We're hesitant to declare August 7th the official launch date, since history has shown that resellers don't always get handsets at the same time as corporate outlets do. If you find any success reserving one today, however, we'll be thrilled elated to hear about it.

[Thanks, Anonymous]