Griffin StompBox multi-function foot controller for iOS devices

Griffin has announced a new 4-button foot controller that works with iOS devices. The Griffin StompBox (US$99.99) was developed to work with the Frontier Design iShred LIVE iOS app (Free), making it easy for musicians to switch effects with the StompBox with a tap of a foot.

The StompBox is packaged with Griffin's GuitarConnect cable so that the StompBox can be connected to instruments, headphones, and an iOS device. Any instrument that uses a 1/4-inch jack, like a guitar, bass, electric violin or keyboard, can be connected to the StompBox. Foot switches on the StompBox can be assigned to different functions, such as volume, expression, or wah-wah pedals.

Griffin also notes that StompBox works with the Qscript teleprompter app ($7.99), scrolling your speech or notes with a simple toe tap. The StompBox will be available through Apple Stores or