HTC Sensation 4G takes the Pimp My Phone approach to chrome swagger

Beast phones and bling don't typically go hand-in-hand -- that's what those high-end specs are for. But if you've found yourself grimacing at the lackluster paint job on your new HTC Sensation 4G, this step-by-step by Paul White at Whitesites Blog can take it from dull geek to balla chic in six hours flat. With some dedicated elbow grease, a smattering of sand paper and some metal polish cream you've definitely seen Mumsy wield pre-Thanksgiving dinner, you can bring a bit of burnished elegance to your Sense 3.0 device. The fairly simple, albeit grueling sanding process could benefit from a speed-boosting power tool, or two, but it's those rubberized, glued parts you'll have to pop out and back into the unibody frame that should cause the biggest headache. Interested in getting your hands worn down by this labor of mobile love? Then head to the source now for a buff take on T-Mobile's flagship.