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Gingerbread comes to T-Mobile G2x, users feel loved again

Gingerbread comes to T-Mobile G2x, users feel loved again
Brad Molen
Brad Molen|July 26, 2011 12:39 PM
Dost our eyes deceive us, or are genuine, bona fide Gingerbread updates for the T-Mobile G2x taking to the airwaves? We're inclined to believe the latter, since the T-Mobile support site announced that the OTA download is now underway. The rollout begins less than a day after the refresh became available as a manual install via the LG Updater Tool. As if this isn't enough proof already, our inboxes have been flooded by G2x users who've personally witnessed Hades freeze over on their handset. Haven't seen it show up on yours yet? Fret not, getting these updates out to everyone takes time. But if you were an eager beaver who managed to beef your phone up with Android 2.3.3 manually, go ahead and relax; grab a lemonade, dust off the ol' hammock, and enjoy the rest of the summer afternoon free of (virtual) bugs.

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