Verizon's version of the Samsung Galaxy S II will support LTE (update: still unconfirmed)

The jury's still out on when Verizon will get around to releasing the Samsung Function -- its own version of the highly covetable Galaxy S II -- but that hasn't stopped Big Red from whetting our appetite. The country's largest carrier has taken to the Twitterverse to confirm that its upcoming pride and joy will include an LTE radio, answering quite possibly the most perplexing mystery concerning Verizon's take on the device. We're still yearning for pricing, availability, and even images of the device to show up, but this little nugget alone may be enough to keep our impatience at ease for a while longer.

Update: VZWSupport just tweeted some disappointing news: "Clarification -- I am speaking of the new Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 that is 4G." Tomato, tomahto, tablets, smartphones, are we right?