Motorola Atrix sequel gets candid with the camera, heading for AT&T?

With all of the hype building for the Droid Bionic's arrival, we can't say we were expecting to see an unannounced Motorola device receive love from the camera instead. But sure 'nuff, we beheld our gadget-lusting eyes on a handset that's likely AT&T-bound in the near future -- the carrier's logo is flaunted on the front, at least -- and may even be the next-gen Atrix 4G. Sporting a coincidentally similar design to its supposed predecessor, we only know of a few specs so far: the mystery device offers an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video capture, HDMI connectivity, Moto's new Blur UI replacement and a curved display similar to the Nexus S -- though this time there's no fingerprint scanner onboard. It looks and sounds great, but let's just hope that this one really is the "world's most powerful" smartphone. The gallery below shows the device in all its glory.