ARGO Online celebrates new ranking system with contest

Games paying us to play? Ridiculous! What's next -- dogs and cats sleeping together? Mass hysteria?

'Tis true, dear readers; ARGO Online is rewarding top players with in-game AP worth hundreds of real-world dollars. This giveaway is part of a promotion to celebrate ARGO's brand-new ranking system, in which players can compete to see who accumulates the most XP in each level tier. There's also a second ranking ladder that lists players according to wins and losses.

During this month, alaplaya is tallying up the initial pack leaders and will be rewarding the best of the best with in-game currency at the end of the 30 days. Lowest level characters have a shot at $50 worth of AP while level-capped folks can compete for $150. In total, alaplaya is giving out $500 just for players giving ARGO their all, which is a pretty sweet deal for those already into the game.

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