LauncherPro dev's skinnable UberMusic player finally hits the Android Market

We were thoroughly infatuated with LauncherPro developer Federico Carnale's then-unnamed music app the first time we saw it in beta, bringing Metro UI styled playback to our Android lifestyles. Now UberMusic v1.0 is available on the Android Market, flexing its customizable skills for the princely sum of $3.49. Don't think this is just some ripoff however, while one of the skins (that can also be found on the Market) is a Zune lookalike, third parties can make it look however they might like, including the widgets. If you missed our demo the first time around you can check out the video after the break to see why we're so excited, or hit the source link to purchase now. Allergic to spending money on apps? Don't give up all hope, as the creator tweets an ad-supported free version may be on the way as well.