AllVid still seems like a dream, but new CableCARD rules go into effect soon

It's no surprise that a government entities' own deadlines are never met, but while the FCC's Broadband Plan originally expressed its intent to apply bandaids to CableCARD in the Fall of 2010, November 1st 2011 is the date most feeling the pain can circle on their calendar. That is the day all cable providers will be required to allow self installs, while December 1st is the day that the new useless IP interface must start working -- certainly to be made useless by unlicensable DRM, like 5C did to 1394. These new CableCARD rules are still great for TiVo, Moxi and InfiniTV customers, but the dream of AllVid seems destined to follow a similar fate with 2011 half way over and almost no progress towards the promise of a 2012 deployment made.