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Over the top video already more popular than DVRs

This is a stat that research firm Magna Global announced a few weeks ago, but really just set in; about 13 million more American households use over-the-top video services, like Netflix, than own a DVR (53.3 million vs 40.5 respectively).We've always known DVRs were a stop gap technology until the day we can watch whatever we want, whenever we want, but still. That gap isn't exactly closing though either, as the very same firm predicts that DVRs will continue to grow by about 33 percent to 63.1 million over the next four years, which is a little less than over-the-top is expected to grow. The real take away here though is that linear TV is going to die a slow death, but it is on its way out as it gets squeezed in both directions by high tech options.