Apple TV streams purchased TV shows -- not just rentals -- from the cloud after update

Don't think Apple's forgotten about its little hobby, as the second generation Apple TV is getting an update today that lets users buy TV shows and stream them (in high definition) directly to the device, with the additional bonus of streaming access to previously purchased shows. That brings a new feeling of permanence -- already available from others like Zune and Vudu -- to the cloud atmosphere around Apple's hockey puck, but it also means being $2.99 invested in rewatching that episode of Leverage down the road instead of opting for a 99-cent rental. The other new feature listed for this update is access to the streaming site Vimeo, but since the official support site is still only listing info for the 4.2.2 version posted in May, any other details are unknown so far.

Update: The official notes for v4.3 are on the support page now, and yep, that's all there is.