Nokia RM-670 screen grabs reveal Symbian Belle in all her glory

We caught a glimpse of Nokia's new Symbian Belle OS on some RM-670 spy shots a month ago, but back then we were distracted by the handset's impressive hardware. As if to correct our focus, the attention-seeking successor to Symbian Anna has just revealed herself again in a batch of leaked screen grabs, courtesy of The pics reveal different-sized widgets in a range of different positions, suggesting that this OS offers a lot more flexibility in customizing home screens. There's also an Android-esque notifications bar, which gives quick access to core settings too. We don't know how final these revisions are, or how effective they'll be in restoring Symbian's waning popularity when the new OS finally arrives, but there's an encouraging hint of that well-executed simplicity that Nokia does so well. Click the source link below for the full Romanian fandango.

[Thanks, Clinton]