Sony's TV reform to begin 'immediately,' could involve partnering with other firms

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.02.11

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Sony's TV reform to begin 'immediately,' could involve partnering with other firms
It's been a year. Particularly if you're Sony. The same company that's staring at a $171 million price tag due to an unforgettable PSN breach and a gamut of bad news detailed in its most recent earnings report is now facing the daunting task of reforming its flagging TV division. 'Course, Sony's still moving gobs of panels, but according to Chief Financial Officer Masaru Kato, "markets are maturing and price competition is stiff" in advanced nations. Mr. Kato recently spoke candidly with The Nikkei (linked below; subscription required), noting that the company is aiming to turn its TV business "into one that can be profitable even if we do not pursue volume." In order to do so, the entire platform is being looked at -- "no stone will be left unturned" -- and he even mentioned that partnerships with other companies will be considered. Oh, and if you thought you'd have to wait a quarter or two to see any changes, have a listen at this: "Even though we haven't yet decided how to announce the plans, they'll be implemented immediately." Attaboy!
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