Xperia Mini Pro taunts Orange UK customers with free pricing, 'coming soon' status

Let's assume you're enjoying a warm pint in Notting Hill while texting your mate, when suddenly it hits you: the Xperia Mini Pro (X10) is no longer the beguiling beauty you once adored. If this describes your plight, worry not, because Sony Ericsson's latest Xperia Mini Pro is coming to Orange UK, where along with its 1GHz Snapdragon CPU and Gingerbread OS, it's teasing a free price with qualifying monthly plans. While the citrus-themed network hasn't named an official release date, it's erected a "coming soon" page in anticipation of the QWERTY slider's inevitable debut. If you're hoping for something more definitive, O2 is tempting its customers with a September arrival -- although pricing remains up in the oxygen-rich air.