Move over Skype, calling from Gmail now supports 38 languages and cheaper calls

Kon'nichiwa, hola, and bonjour says Google, as it expands Gmail calling to support a total of 38 languages and four currencies including Euros, British pounds and Canadian / US dolla dolla bills y'all. The calling feature allows Gmail users to call landlines and mobile phones from within their Gmail browser for next to nothing, making the email center a one-stop shop for IMs, emails, video and voice calls. The year-old service is lowering its call rates to $0.10 per minute to mobile phones in the UK, France, and Germany, $0.15 per minute to Mexico, and $0.02 per minute to any number in China and India. Calling landlines is even cheaper -- which would be fantastic if you actually knew someone that still used one. The expanded language support and cheaper calls adds another piece of ammo to Google's arsenal as it goes head-to-head with Skype (which charges $0.18 - $0.25 per minute for calls to UK mobile numbers), after the company conveniently partnered with Google+'s arch nemesis for calls from within the social network. But hey, at least those late-night arguments won't cost the former nearly as much as it once did.