ASUS' MeeGo-flavored Eee PC X101H goes under the FCC's knife

Back when we introduced you to the MeeGo-packing ASUS Eee PC X101, we noted that its brother, the X101H, would also be available, albeit with Windows 7 onboard. Well, the X101H has just made its way through the FCC and it looks like ASUS has decided to ditch the brother-from-another-mother scheme, and offer the X101's chubbier -- it's 22mm thick compared to 17.6mm -- sibling with MeeGo, as well. Like it's svelte little bro, the X101H is expected to pack a single-core Intel Atom N435 processor, 1GB DDR3 RAM, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and a 10.1-inch WSVGA screen. If you like your netbooks with a little extra cushion, check out our gallery of teardown photos below, or hit the source link for a slew of FCC paperwork.%Gallery-129882%