Qualcomm overhauls complex naming scheme, introduces simpler Snapdragon levels

Say it with us now: "Huzzah!" For years, Qualcomm's Snapdragon brand has been held back from general understanding by one thing: befuddling model numbers. Hearing about an MSM 8255 doesn't really stick with the average consumer, and even for members of the press (and folks neck-deep in the supply channel), it wasn't exactly easy to keep track of. In a bid to put on a more consumer-facing suit, Qually has announced its intentions to move away from complex processor names and move towards a simpler "series" model. For now, you'll find S1, S2, S3 and S4, with "1' being a mass market device and "4" being the product you actually want. The slide just after the break explains where the cutoffs are for each level, but curiously enough, it sounds as if more of these will be added as technologies improve, speeds increase and capabilities soar. In other words, we hope your great-grandson is eager to get his hands on a Snapdragon S498. Wait, wasn't this suppose to reduce complexities?