TUAW's Daily Mac App: Solebon Solitaire

Solebon Solitaire for Mac

Card games have been our entertainment fall back for generations. Solebon Solitaire for the Mac brings the quality, small screen experience of Solebon Solitaire for iOS to your desktop screen.

Solebon Solitaire for Mac features 42 solitaire card games in one. You've got old favorites from Klondike, Yukon and Golf to original games such as Ambrose, Provisional and Honeybees -- it's one of the most comprehensive card game collections out there.

Smallware have taken the simplicity and clean look from their original iOS offering and brought it to the Mac. It offers a slick, well-animated interface that avoids the frivolous for ease of use. The cards are large, easy to read and look great while card movement animations, deals and transitions are fast and well done.

There are no cheats or hints in Solebon; it's serious solitaire for serious players. Some games have options like reverse layouts, the ability to switch on auto play (which speeds up repetitive tasks like moving the cards to the stocks) and the option to disable undo. Speaking of undo, there's unlimited undo available just in case you get stuck. Each game has full lifetime stats, scoring, move tracking and a timer. If you're new to the game there's a full rules sidebar available to get you going.

Solebon Solitaire is a well-executed, comprehensive collection of solitaire card games that are easy to play with a mouse or a trackpad. If you like playing cards in the real world, then Solebon is definitely worth checking out for US$4.99.