DirecTV's US subscriber growth slows, but it still cracks 30 million customers worldwide

Apparently if the question is "who needs more HD channels" then the answer is... not DirecTV. Despite a list of frustrations that includes its lack of AMC, BBC America and other oft-requested HD feeds and the eternally coming soon DirecTiVo, the satellite company just cracked 30 million customers in total. Growth is slowing however, as it only added 26,000 customers, compared to 100,000 in the same quarter last year. While there's no word on whether it will be broadcasting Mad Men in HD next year, CEO Michael White made a passing comment about "the Hulu software" having nice aspects to it that could relate to making its programming available everywhere. Comcast filed a lawsuit against DirecTV advertising "free NFL Sunday Ticket" for new subscribers, claiming the ads don't mention a two year subscription is required for it.

Update: Still looking for word on the DirecTiVo? Checking the transcripts of the investor call (via Gizmo Lovers) there was a comment on a "high definition UI" coming in the fourth quarter, with Pandora. We'd express optimism that this was actually about the TiVo box, but we know better than that by now.