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Gmail's Preview Pane brings 'tablet-like' layout to your browser, but kills Multiple Inboxes

Google's still doing a fine job of ignoring Gcal's inability to routinely provide alerts and notifications to select users (nah, we're not bitter), but at least the Gmail team seems to be firing on all cylinders. Just this week, the outfit revealed its newest Labs feature -- Preview Pane. As you've probably gleaned from the title, it provides a "tablet-like" layout that's actually similar to standalone mail clients from yesteryear, and for those with more vertical space than horizontal, there's even an option to split the divider in that manner. In practice, we found it drop-dead simple to use, and it's largely an improvement over the stock Gmail layout. The only issue? It nukes Multiple Inboxes, so those accustomed to scrolling down and easily clicking into their Starred emails (for example) will likely be reverting back with dreams dashed. See if it's in your Settings pane and give it a go -- who knows, it might be love.