T-Mobile working to solve G2 battery life concerns, needs your help

T-Mobile wants YOU... to help them figure out your phone's recent battery life troubles. If you own a G2, there's a slight possibility you've noticed your prized mobile possession hasn't been up to snuff over the last week or so. Is it feeling overworked? It's got a lot of stress bogging it down? Or maybe it's just downright depressed? Sadly, the carrier doesn't have the fuzziest idea of what's going on either, so it's turning to the best resource it has: its customers. If your G2 is lucky enough to be in this "small group" of affected users, you've been given the green light to share your feedback. Though this is happening (coincidentally) at the same time as the phone's monumental update to Gingerbread, it turns out a healthy portion of sufferers haven't actually made the jump up yet. So head on over to offer your two cents -- if one person can make a difference, several hundred should definitely do the trick.