Amulet shows off Kinect voice control for Windows Media Center (video)

The Amulet Devices team has been pushing voice control for Windows Media Center through its remote accessory, but now it's dived into the pool of Kinect hacks with a demo (video embedded after the break) using the Xbox 360 add-on instead. The company blog breaks down some of the hardware capabilities of the device that make it ideal for voice control (as previously seen in the Xbox apps for ESPN3, Hulu Plus and Netflix) and also details some of the efforts used to make it work here. If there's enough interest it may release the demo software for free, and already plans to bring out a full version when Microsoft unleashes a commercial version of the Kinect SDK. We're still not sure if voice control is ready to take over for standard remotes but at least talking to the TV is less of a strain than gesture control on our weak made-for-blogging arms.