Indian $70 solar slate joins XO-3 and Sakshat in vaporware race

Another day, another phantom budget tablet: today's unnamed low-cost model hails from Bharat Electronics, out of India. The Bharat slate runs Android 2.2, sports solar charging for back-up power, and sings for only 3000 Rupees, or just shy of $70. No word on processor speed, RAM, or storage, but Hindu Business Line states that the Froyo pads will "allow data to be stored and uploaded in real time to a central server," suggesting a cloud-based storage system. Availability? None for now, this slate is being sold exclusively to India's Ministry of Rural Development for use in a poverty survey. Bharat's Chairman and Managing Director, Ashwani Datt, stated they would have to configure a new version of the slate if they were to offer it to students or consumers. We'll let you know what we think just as soon as we get our hands on the XO-3 and that other tablet from India. You know, for vaporous comparison.