Crapgadget: 'after school special' edition

School can be tough, especially when you're different. So what better way to keep the bullies at bay than to get your craptastic accessory freak on. In this special back to school bonanza of creeper tech, Hong Kong-based watchmaker o.d.m. mashes E.T. with a gummy bunny for a wrist-rocking return to infancy, Strapya World takes you by the baby's hand for iPhone 4 case comfort, while Dane-Elec's E-Razor USB stick goes undercover in a block full of erasing rubber. And if you're looking for a soundtrack throwback to match the solar-powered butterfly you've stuck in your Jansport, Brando's got you covered with its USB Cassette Capture & Player. Take a gander at the roundup below and make sure to vote for the crapgadget most likely to not succeed.

Read - JC / DC Gummy Me!!! (rubber bunny watch)
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Read - Fascinations Solar Butterfly
Read - Brando USB Cassette Capture & Player (convert tapes to MP3s)
Read - Dane-Elec E-Razor
(USB stick and eraser all-in-one)