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Crossbows and ziplines used to smuggle iPads into Hong Kong

Crossbows and ziplines used to smuggle iPads into Hong Kong
Kelly Hodgkins
Kelly Hodgkins|@kellyhodgkins|August 8, 2011 12:00 PM

Some Asian smugglers tried a creative new method to get iPads and iPhones from mainland China into neighboring Hong Kong. Rather than hire housewives to do their dirty work, this group used a crossbow to shoot a zipline from a Shenzhen skyscraper across the Sha Tau Kok river to a small house in Hong Kong. Once the fishing line was secured, bags filled with iPhone 4s and iPads were shuttled across the river at night using a rudimentary pulley system.

Police detected the line, arrested six people and confiscated more than 50 iPhones and iPads worth 300,000 Yuan ($46,600).

[Via MICGadget and TechCrunch]

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