HP TouchPad 4G surfaces for pre-order on Amazon, wearing $700 price tag

It looks like the HP TouchPad 4G is inching its way closer to the market, now that the webOS tablet has made a pre-order appearance on Amazon. According to the listing, the 32GB slate will retail for a cool $700, sans contract -- about $100 more than its exclusively WiFi, equal-sized brethren. Given HP's recent discount spree, however, it may not be long before that price gets knocked down a few notches. Over the weekend, in fact, the company announced yet another promotion, offering $50 worth of App Catalog credit to users who purchased a TouchPad in the US between July 1 and August 4th. The offer is valid through December 31st, so check out the link below to find out how you can take advantage of it.

[Thanks, Peter]