Nokia N9 countdown timer removed, confusing calendars everywhere (update: here's why)

Psych. It was too good to be true -- Nokia's Swedish site had begun an official countdown for the Meego-laden N9, instilling hope within our souls that the gorgeous device would show up on at least a few shelves by September 23rd. Now, the timer is nowhere to be found, leaving disappointment, depression, and confusion behind in its tracks. Was it briefly taken down due to maintenance issues? Has the N9 been delayed -- or worse, cancelled? Perhaps it's the victim of some rare good luck and is getting bumped up to a sooner date? Until more answers come our way, the only thing we can do is sit and wait... and hope. And continue frantically clicking the "refresh" button.

[Thanks, Mark]

Update: We were just sent a link to Swedish website Tech Again, which notes they talked to Nokia Sweden's press officer about the situation. Apparently, the timer was removed because it insinuates a guarantee that operators and retailers will have the phone exactly at the moment the timer gets down to zero. The N9 is still expected to reach customers on the 23rd, but the specific time of launch may vary depending on the retailer. [Thanks, Joel]