AMD intros Radeon-branded RAM, gives gamers that coordinated component look

Have an inexplicable lust for all things AMD? Better sit down for this one folks, as your favorite chip company is back, this time peddling Radeon-branded RAM in exchange for your hard earned dough. Tested to the "highest industry" standards, the DDR3 modules will be available in three SKUs: the entry-level "Entertainment" sticks (clocked at 1333MHz), followed by speedier "Ultra Pro Gaming" (1600MHz) and an "Enterprise" RAM of an unknown speed. Akiba PC Online! spotted 2GB modules of the lowest tier chilling in Japan for a cool ¥1570 (around $20 stateside), as-well as a US product page (which we've kindly linked below). Small price to pay for memory to match your graphics card -- brand loyalty's a beautiful thing, right guys?