Leakster names Sprint's latest: Samsung Epic 4G Touch, HTC EVO Design 4G, and Motorola Admiral

We love starting the week with a good leak, and thanks to an anonymous tipster, we're swimming in a flood of juicy names. First, it appears the Samsung Within is getting a new alias, and without delaying your anticipation, let us re-introduce you to Sprint's upcoming Galaxy S II handset: the Epic 4G Touch. As the moniker suggests, the QWERTY keyboard is likely sliding away, though lovers of physical buttons might find solace with the mysterious Epic 2. If your ideal smartphone combines qHD resolution with HTC Sense -- and eschews the 3D display and dual-core CPU -- the Kingdom is one step closer to reality, and it'll be known as the EVO Design 4G. Finally, a new Motorola will arrive at the Now Network, and it's been christened the Admiral. Unlike its peers, it's lacking the "4G" nomenclature, meaning it's avoiding the upper echelons of Sprint's stable... and hopefully sporting longer battery life, too.

[Thanks, anonymous]