Amazon releases web-based Kindle Cloud Reader app, optimized for iPads

Amazon may have changed its Kindle iOS app to comply with Apple's revised in-app subscription policy, but the retailer has now come out with its own, web-based alternative, known as the Kindle Cloud Reader. Compatible with both Chrome and Safari, the new app is essentially a browser version of the Kindle eBook reader, providing PC, Mac and Chromebook users with access to their digitized libraries. The tool also offers local storage, allowing for offline reading, though Amazon's device limit still applies, so if your library's already strewn across multiple gadgets, the app's reading functionality may be limited. The company unveiled the Cloud Reader today with relatively little fanfare or explanation, but its site highlights the service's main attractions, including its iPad optimization. Interestingly enough, the reader still isn't compatible with iPhones (or, as Android Community discovered, any Honeycomb tablets), though we imagine it's only a matter of time before Amazon's cloud coverage expands even further.