Logitech trots out another keyboard case, this time for the Galaxy Tab 10.1

You might have noticed that accessory makers have a habit of churning out stuff for iDevices first and everything else second. Specifically, though, we're noticing that in the world of tablets, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is fast becoming companies' No. 2 once they've gotten the iPad squared away. Take Logitech, for example. The company just announced a keyboard case for Samsung's deliciously thin slate -- a near facsimile of the one it released for the iPad a few months back. To recap, this isn't your garden-variety folio case with a keyboard and kickstand, but rather, an aluminum lid with a full 'board lining the interior. Logitech also attempts to justify the steep $99.99 price with shortcut keys for copying and pasting and cushioned corners that offer a modicum of protection in the event of a drop. But does that make it worth it? We'll leave that to your and your wallet.