PS3 firmware update v3.70 adds auto-save cloud storage for subscribers, updates XMB and 3D support

As if saving your PS3 games to the cloud wasn't convenient enough, Sony's gone and automated the process for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The v3.70 software update offers an automatic sync option for trophies and game save states, giving members exclusive access to their gaming goods wherever they go. The firmware also packs a few additional features for non-paid users, adding a recommendation function to items in the PlayStation store, and a new "TV / Video Services" XMB category for Netflix, Hulu PLUS and VUDU apps. Sony's also thrown in a few 3D tweaks, with MPO format compatibility for photos, and support for Java-based special features and DTS-HD MA and DTS-HD HR audio output for 3D Bluray movie playback. Although the gaming giant hasn't announced an official date for the release, expect it to hit your home console soon.

Update: Joystiq's reporting that the update has just gone live.